Branding and Identity Design

It has been a pleasure to work with Russell in developing his new Branding and Identity. Here are the services we provided



As an extension of something that was fairly well recognised, we decided to keep the recognisable logo Russell originally had but tweaked it to be more print and web friendly. The newer logo is also leaner and its layout more optically correct.


We have included three new typefaces to support Russell and his business.

  • Fjalla One- The main typeface for bold headlines and section headers

  • Libre Franklin - a simple sans serif font for body copy

  • Georgia - A serif font used for promotional purposes such as Social Media banners


The new "Resilience Green" is a key feature of the branding and is used throughout. This single consistent colour will now be synonymous with Russell and The Resilience Coach. Complementary colours have also been generated to support other activities such as presentations and advertising

Web Design

The website design highlights the main service areas delivered by The Resilience Coach as well as further information about Russell and his clients. The use of bold photography with happy clients is used that epitomises the results achieved with The Resilience Coach.