I Support Leaders To Build Resilience So They Can Thrive In Our Persistently Evolving World.


Resilience can Transform Performance

Resilience is the ability to react and adapt appropriately to life’s challenges, and turn them into forward momentum to achieve your goals. 

When individuals and teams are more resilient, they feel more energised and are able to approach challenges with a greater sense of purpose and motivation.

Russell Harvey – The Resilience Coach

I’m Russell Harvey, and I am a Resilience Coach, Facilitator and Public Speaker. Watch my video for a quick intro to me, my approach and how I can help you build resilience and achieve your goals:


Services - How I can help

Executive Coaching

Through executive coaching I help you discover what you really want to change, build upon strengths and identify opportunities to achieve this.

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As a facilitator I act as a supportive guide help your team build direction and purpose and make concrete steps to achieving their objectives. 

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Public Speaking

I can help with public speaking training and coaching, or by speaking about the importance of resilience at conferences and events. 

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The Resilience Coach will support you in gaining much more self confidence with your public speaking skills - Russell can also be hired to speak at your events on a range of topics including emotional intelligence growth mindset wellbeing and Resilience as a whole.jpg

More about Resilience and VUCA

Find out more about resilience, and the leadership capabilities and skills it builds to help you thrive in a VUCA world.


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