How I can Help

My goal as a coach, facilitator and speaker is to help you become more Resilient. 


What is resilience?

Resilience is our ability to adapt to and handle the stress of our ever-changing world. 

By changing the way we respond to challenging situations, we can improve our mindset, increase our wellbeing and learn how to achieve our goals with a greater level of purpose and motivation. 


How Resilience Coaching Can Help You

Building resilience can help us make positive steps towards achieving a wide variety of goals, both personal and professional. 

Some of the areas I’ve supported clients with in the past have included:

·      Leadership and Management

·      Communication and Interpersonal Skills

·      Public Speaking and Presentation

·      Change Management and Business Transformation

·      Stress Management and Wellbeing

·      Career Planning

·      “Life coaching” and personal goals






"As my Coach, Russell has been exceptional at working with me in creative ways during our sessions. I would compare him to Piccaso! He paints a framework for me to work within and enables me to work out all that I need to move forward."

Peter – OD Consultant and Coach


"I worked with Russell over the last 2 years and more recently on a tailored development programme for over 50 people. I think he has a great ability to understand requirements and adapt to meet needs. He balances his work well between support and challenge to push you to develop beyond your comfort zone. Russell is a great asset to the organisation and I would recommend him to anyone looking for coaching or development opportunities."

Christine – Senior IT Programme Manager