Facilitation - Supporting your team to achieve its goals


Supporting Others


A facilitator acts as a supportive guide to move a set of people from their current state to their desired state. 

As a skilled facilitator, I draw on an extensive toolkit built over years of experience to enable the groups I work with to access, understand and take on board the content of a session.

I can support a range of company transformation programs by facilitating group sessions in the areas of Direction, Purpose, Resilient Teams, Emotional Intelligence and the art of “doing more with less”.


My goal as a facilitator is to help groups and teams understand their direction and purpose, and become more resilient, so they are able to effectively make changes and drive progress to achieve their goals. 

Within the facilitation sessions, we’ll incorporate mindfulness exercises to develop sense of calm and clarity in your team, and help them gain a more positive attitude and sense of well-being. By helping your team to become more resilient, facilitation sessions can help them thrive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.


·      Improved team well-being and “positive mindset”

·      Improved communication amongst teams

·      Positively change behaviours for the long-term

·      Personal, team and organisational outcomes achieved

·      Clarity of purpose and direction

·      Ultimately, become resilient



If you’d like to find out more about how facilitation could help your team become more resilient, please get in touch via the contact page or on social media: 

The Resilience Coach facilitates a group to understand their direction and purpose in order that that can become more resilient.

The Resilience Coach facilitates a group to understand their direction and purpose in order that that can become more resilient.


“Russell is a likeable and trusted leadership development specialist and experienced executive coach. Russell is an enthusiastic and energetic collaborator who quickly makes positive connections with people. I worked directly with Russell several times including development and change management sessions for my team. Russell is an excellent facilitator and my team gave great feedback from the work he developed and led us through. I've also benefited from Russell's executive coaching which I pursued following recommendations from other senior managers within the business. I found his guidance both insightful and beneficial. Russell is a great asset to have on board.”

Tim – Head of HR


"Russell is highly proactive and works hard to ensure that his contribution to Leadership Development meets the absolute needs of the business. He works adeptly with complexity, seeing connections and driving to ensure that his work supports and drives strategy."

Jackie – Group HR Director


Russell Harvey
Executive Director, The Resilience Coach