Executive Coaching


I support leaders to thrive in our persistently evolving world


“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance.”

“A collaborative solutions-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee”. (Association for Coaching)

About Coaching - PUPOSE and Self-Confidence

A professional Coaching relationship is the most powerful support an executive can have.

It can be the tool that enables conflicting components within you to gel and be a beacon of positive energy.

My starting point as your coach, isn’t that I believe you are broken and need fixing; it is my belief that you have the answers and solutions you need already and we will work together to draw them out and bring them to the fore.

Coaching another group in the art of “being resilient”.

Coaching another group in the art of “being resilient”.

My style is influenced by my depth and breadth of experience. Imagine an ocean of tips, tools, observations and knowledge that we can utilise, whenever the need arises.

In our constantly evolving environment we need to be comfortable riding the rapids, therefore, in our Coaching conversations, we will find our flow and balance, build upon your strengths and enable you to discover whatever you need to thrive.

We will work together to gain clarity on your strengths, your purpose and build your self-confidence.

My style - CLARITY AND Direction:

I strike the right balance between support, challenge, progress and enjoyment.

We will discover what you really want to change, identify experiences that enable this, build upon strengths and outline options, choices and opportunities to achieve this.

My influences and experience:

  • Over 4000 hours of coaching over the last 10+ years

  • A career in learning, leadership and organisational development.

  • A desire to “do what works” for you.

Figuring out what scares you can help you take steps towards resilience!

Figuring out what scares you can help you take steps towards resilience!


Why have a coach? Why not?!

A powerful professional relationship that gives you the opportunity to:

  • Open your mind

  • Increase clarity and understanding

  • Make improvements to yours and others lives

  • Gain confidence in your own future

You will also have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your emotional intelligence, learn how to “do more with less”, increase your performance and understand hoot “thrive” in the workplace (and even in your personal life!)


Having an open and trusting conversation that enables discovery of possibilities, opportunities and choices


  • Improved overall well-being and a refreshed “Positive Mindset”

  • Increased understanding of yourself and others to positively change behaviours for the long-term

  • An open-minded sounding-board

  • Personal, team and organisational outcomes achieved

  • Clarity of purpose and direction

  • Ultimately, become RESILIENT


The Resilience Coach - Coaching Process

The Resilience Coach - Coaching Process

How can the Resilience Coach support you?

How can the Resilience Coach support you?


“I would never have delivered the £5million Continuous Improvement projects without our conversations”

Gary – Head of Delivery


“Russell – our conversations were a source of great inspiration to me during some really challenging times – I always gained real insight and perspective. I feel better equipped to lead my team, deliver my projects and make the cost savings that we need to.”

Kris, Director of Innovation and Strategy