I’ve supported many clients over the years, and I’m always delighted to hear about how my work has helped them to improve their performance.

Here are some of the kind words I’ve received from people I’ve worked with:

”Russell – by working with me, both I and my team have really benefited from improved clarity around our roles and responsibilities and the mind-set we need to have to perform well in this VUCA world! Our project portfolio is now being delivered at least 20% more effectively.”

Jason – Head of IT Services


”I worked with Russell over the last 2 years and more recently on a tailored training to over 50 people. I think he has a great ability understand requirements and adapt to meet needs. He balances his work well between support and challenge to push you to develop beyond your comfort zone. Russell is a great asset to the organisation and I would recommend him to anyone looking for coaching or development opportunities.”

Christine – Senior IT Programme Manager


”I would never have delivered the £5million Continuous Improvement projects without our conversations”

Gary – Head of Delivery

”Russell – our conversations were a source of great inspiration to me during some really challenging times – I always gained real insight and perspective. I feel better equipped to lead my team, deliver my projects and make the cost savings that we need to.”

Kris, Director of Innovation and Strategy

"As my Coach, Russell has been exceptional at working with me in creative ways during our sessions. I would compare him to Piccaso! He paints a framework for me to work within and enables me to work out all that I need to move forward."

Peter – OD Consultant and Coach


”Russell is a likeable and trusted leadership development specialist and experienced executive coach. Russell is an enthusiastic and energetic collaborator who quickly makes positive connections with people. I worked directly with Russell several times including development and change management sessions for my team. Russell is an excellent facilitator and my team gave great feedback from the work he developed and led us through. I've also benefited from Russell's executive coaching which I pursued following recommendations from other senior managers within the business. I found his guidance both insightful and beneficial. Russell is a great asset to have on board.”

Tim – Head of HR


"Russell is highly proactive and works hard to ensure that his contribution to Leadership Development meets the absolute needs of the business. He works adeptly with complexity, seeing connections and driving to ensure that his work supports and drives strategy."

Jackie – Group HR Director


"Russell is one of the most diligent people I have had the pleasure of working alongside. He seems to be able to find that unique balance between tenacious project management type, insightful leader, and empathetic/collaborative professional. If he is on the case, you are sorted. Period."

Todd – CoFounder, MD, NED and Producer


”Russell – I call you my “lightbulb coach” – I have so many learning moments when we meet! I can meet my challenges, on restructuring, head-on and with renewed insight.”

Lucy – Head of OD

“I feel that I am now living my goals thanks to my time with Russell, both for myself and my business and the transitions I have made while working with him have been fundamental and permanent. For example, I am more authentic with my business clients; I am living to my preferences; I am a more mindful and purposeful in my working life; I am more instinctive with my decision-making; I am more likely to approach difficult situations focused on how I want to feel in order to be happy and successful; I have greater awareness of my energy levels. I recently requested formal feedback from the team I was leading and they all described positive and high energy levels and an alignment between my intensions and my actions which they felt was very authentic, again I attribute this strength and consistency of feedback to my coaching.”

Nicola - Programme Manager and Managing Director - High Hopes Consulting

“It is obvious from the wealth of advice that Russell had to call upon that he has a strong background in coaching and the tool-sets to prove it. The coaching sessions gave me an opportunity to voice my concerns to an independent party but more importantly provide honest feedback and challenge some of my thoughts and feelings. He has also made my realise that rather than shut out such thoughts I need to change the values attached to them and be realistic about their potential impact. The coaching has also made me realise the importance of resilience to be able to handle difficult times and the skills needed to boost this.”

Chris - Managing Director SilverFox Global

“Our sessions helped to give me clarity of thought at a time when I was struggling to carve out my career priorities.  I also struggle with self-belief and Russell helped me to look at my strengths and push my expectations of myself.  This extended beyond our sessions and provided me with tools that I still refer to when needed to reflect on my own performance and potential. My inner confidence is stronger and I am much clearer about my own strengths and recognise my own achievements.  Russell has played a key part in this.”

Sarah - Consultant and NED